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WORKS ENGINEERING < OIL FILTER > - JPM 20 (SHORT TYPE) -Honda/Mitsubishi/Proton/Subaru It can effectively raise 2-5% horsepower and also increase engine oil pressure by at least 0.4kg/cm. Oil Booster Filter works on the principle of adding 8 special baffles inside the oil filter core, which increases flow rate of the filtered oil back into the engine by Eddy Conduction. Increased volumetric oil flow and pressure lubricates engine more effective & increases horsepower. Each product undergoes extensive testing to measure flow and maximize gains, which are represented in performance charts that highlight the benefits of Works models over stock models. As demonstrated by these performance charts, this Works Oil Filter offers improved filtration and decreased flow restriction compared with stock filters. RM 49per pcs NO GST Works Engineering & Lucas Oil Dealer Wanted Welcome Call for more detail 014-666 4569 (whatsapp/wechat)