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Kuala Lumpur
Early slot order, Recommend read full details below first before make order 📌ONF / WE MUST LOVE 📌 Why order from me : ✔ No duplicate same photocards/CD/stickers/etc. If you buy yourself, you probably will get many same duplicate photocards. ✔ Album counted in HANTEO/GAON, can help win in Music Shows ✔ Photocard arrangement, give your top 3 bias, first come first serve ✔ Sealed if do not want photocard arrangement ✔ Will update tracking status every 3 days ✔ Free gift, bias photocards 9pc one album, two albums get 18pc and so on. ALBUM DETAILS : - 1 version - Photobook 60page - CD - Photocard (random 1/7) - Postcard (random 1/7) - Unit photo ( random 1/2) - Group photo ( random 1/3) - Poster ( random 1/2) Full album details with pics : Release date : 9/2/19 PRICE : RM64 POSTAGE -poster (in tube) included : x1 - RM75 WM / RM79 EM - If don't want poster, just deduct RM4 for one poster. - PM me if want buy more, I'll quote price, will get discount if buy more. - If can't pay exact amount, mostly case of bank in, for example price RM82, just bank in RM90, I will transfer back RM8 to you on that same day you pay. - Cancellation only before deadline date. Will refund immediately. ✔ DEADLINE : Order before ( 11:59PM 7 Feb 2019) to get preorder benefit, after that time, your order will move to "Non-preorder and old album order" category (read ETA part below) ETA : ✔ Preorder benefit album : 1/2 weeks after release date ✔ Non-preorder album and old album : 1/2 weeks after order date Non-preorder benefit album and old album order will be put into other incoming new album preorder slot of any group/artist, so it depends on those groups/artists comeback date, If no group/artist make comeback that month (which is rare case) I will ordering on 30th of that particular month. Meet Up location and time : -Melaka Sentral -TBS (Sorry no meet up from now on, maybe only area Melaka ) OKEY AFTER INCLUDE POSTAGE, MY PRICE SEEMS LIKE NOT REALLY THE CHEAPEST YEAH?? BUT THIS PRICE ALREADY INCLUDE 2ND PAYMENT, I'M USED TO BE BUYER TOO ORDER FROM OTHER SELLERS, BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES, MOST OF CHEAPER PRICE SELLERS WILL ASKING FOR 2ND PAYMENT, THAT END UP TOTAL PRICE BECOME MORE EXPENSIVE, I SAID 'MOST' NOT 'ALL', LUCKY IF YOU STILL CAN FIND CHEAPER PRICE WITH NO 2ND PAYMENT, GOOD FOR YOU, ^_^ MY PRICE ACTUALLY A LOT CHEAPER THAN THIS CURRENT PRICE, I USUALLY SELL ONLY AROUND RM65-RM80, ALSO THE REASON I NAMED THIS SHOP CHEAPKPOPORDER, BUT I KEEP RUGI USE THAT PRICE, FROM NON PROFIT BECOME LOSS, SO I NEED TO INCREASE PRICE, SORRY, NOW I TRY TO COMPENSATE THAT PRICE RISE WITH FREE GIFT PHOTOCARDS THIS IS NOT READY STOCK, I NEED TO ORDER FIRST FROM SUPPLIER IN KOREA, MY ORDER USUALLY ONLY TAKE 1 WEEK TO ARRIVE, 2 OR 3 WEEKS WHICH RARE CASE IF ANY DELAY. PEOPLE SELL READY STOCK ALBUM USUALLY WITHOUT PHOTOCARDS, IF READY STOCK WITH PHOTOCARDS USUALLY MORE EXPENSIVE NEAR OR MORE THAN RM100, IF LUCKY CAN GET CHEAPER IF NOT TRUST ME, I CAN GIVE MY CONTACT INFO, IC, ADDRESS AND SO ON. YOU CAN GO FIND ME THERE, I WON'T RUN, OR IF WANT CAN REPORT ME. ME MYSELF A VICTIM OF SCAMMER, TWO TIMES ALREADY, I KNOW THAT FEELING, MY HELPER FOR TWICELAND VIP TICKET RAN AWAY WITH MY REFUND MONEY (CONCERT GOT CANCELLED), I WON'T DO THE SAME CHECK MY HOME PAGE FOR ALBUM LIST, I ALSO DO TAKE ORDER FOR OLD ALBUMS TOO, IF HAVE ANY ALBUM NOT FROM MY LIST YOU WANT, JUST MESSAGE ME, ALMOST ALL AVAILABLE UNLESS I CONFIRM NO AVAILABILITY FOR SUCH ALBUM For more order proof can find here : Proof that my order 1 week can arrive : 0.5
1 year ago In K-Wave
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2020 May

Received everything in good condition. Definitely will buy from this seller again.