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Assalamualaikum and hi. Original DW Classic ST Mawes in the house 😍!! . The details: ⌚️ size 40mm & 36mm ⌚️the original price at the boutique would be rm700 but i only sell to you rm3xx 😱+ FREE POSTAGE 😆 ⌚️original guaranteed not 100% but 1000% ⌚️got warranty engine 1 year ⌚️got warranty air 3 months ⌚️the packaging u will got complete set like u buy from any boutique 🎁 . . Chat me quickly as the stock still available ⭐️ . . #originalDW #DW #sayajual #murahmurah #igers #igersmalaysia #watch #originalshj #trustedseller

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