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Highly recommended maternity pants. Design: Palazo Available color: ~black ~grey ~light grey ~dark brown ~natural brown ~khaki ~dark blue ~blue ~turquoise ~purple ~pink ✔️Specially design to fit mom both during pregnancy and while nursing babies. ✔️We choose super-comfortable milk silk fabric, special by us. We want our customer to feel comfortable throughout the day. Fabric carefully chosen for easy maintenance, esp busy moms. ✔️Easily clean, easily dry, easy to iron BUT NOT EASY TO CRUMPLE, you will have fairly smooth ironed pant througout the day, and this very important for working moms or during travelling, that you will look presentable all the time. ✔️Having elastic waistband with adjustable waist ( elastic band have button to adjust size), do not worry whatever size of your waist, you can fit in. You can choose the sizes based on hip and length measurement. 📮RM10 Kindly PM for more details 🙏🏻

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RM10 all Malaysia