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PAPERANG Thermal Printer is here to replace INSTAX and canon SELPHY Printer ! Drop you order now and receive FREE GIFT of 1 Roll of special made paper which can last ink up to 10 YEARS + 3 Roll of official Paper Roll specially for this Raya only ! 4 Reasons to choose PAPERANG PRINTER: 1) WHY use Instax or Selphy printer when you can get PAPERANG Printer for ONLY HALF THE COST of THEM!! 2)Paperang uses THERMAL PRINT TECHNOLOGY meaning it does not require ink for printing! 3) NO WIFI needed! Paperang uses bluetooth 4.0 so you can print your memories anywhere ,anytime! Even on a plane! 4) WORKS with all phone with android 4.0 or IOS 8.0 and above. 5) USES thermal paper which can print up to 60 photos in single roll cost only RM4 Specification: Size: 83 x 83 x 45mm Weight: 120g Power supply: built in 1000mAh lithium battery Print type thermal printer Consumables specifications 57 * 30MM Interface. Micro-USB Input. 5V-1A Charging time: 45 minutes Networking mode. Bluetooth BLE4.0 System requirements: Android 4 and above ios8.0 system A long time. The theory environment pictures a year (SPECIAL custom paper in 10 years,INCLUDED IN FREE GIFT SET !)

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