Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

01. RAISE INTEREST Designed for male baby design ,simple and lovely appearance,more likely to attract the baby's eyes,through the baby like to imitate the characteristics of note that he was interested. 02.NORMAL LEARNING Baby needs to grow,the parents are the best teacher,can be generated by the child's interest in urinals,let the children learn how to solve their own in the imitation of their own needs. 03.CULTIVATE THE HABIT To the baby as soon as possible the use of urinals,is conducive to the development of children's intelligence .coordination.training baby independent good habits,reduce parental stress. 04.AWAY FROM HARM We can let the children away from the hazards and pathogens,urinals can provide an independent environment for children,bid farewell to adult toilet and those potential risks.

Pilihan Urus Janji

Pos atau Penghantaran

kita akan pos biasa akan sampai dalam 2-3 hari utk semenanjung