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KL Sentral

<PO - BTS 2020 SEASON'S GREETINGS & BTS 2020 WALL CALENDAR > ✨ Get pre-order gift (Limited Edition Mouse Pad) ✨ Weply's release date: 19 Dec πŸ’œ Order from Weply πŸ˜‰ πŸ’œ Full set πŸ’œ Sealed or Unsealed πŸ’œ Photo Lenticular trading available πŸ’œ πŸ“«: Self collection / International Shipping Shared / Direct Shipping πŸ’œ Provide freebie 🎁 to my buyers πŸ’œ Promise to do postage within 3 working days. No delays! 🌻 GOs Price (Included International Shipping & Clearance fee): A. Season's Greetings only ✨ Estimated weight: 1.4kg RM215 Meet up RM225 Postage within WM RM237 Postage within EM B. Wall Calendar only ✨ Estimated weight: 1.2kg RM135 Meet up RM145 Postage within WM RM157 Postage within EM C. Season's Greetings & Wall Calendar ✨ Estimated weight: 2.6kg ✨ Price below is until 11 Nov! RM330 Meet up RM345 Postage within WM RM358 Postage within EM (Only allowed to buy 1 set for each order. For sealed, suggested to direct buy from Weply. If go thru GOs, it will have second payment from local postage as stated above.) ✨ NO SECOND PAYMENT! NO WORRIES ABOUT HIDDEN FEES, OVERWEIGHT OR KASTAM DETAINED. πŸ”— Order form and details: - 🌟 BTS 2020 SEASON'S GREETINGS :: CONTENTS :: 1. OUT SLEEVE CASE Size. 195*255*65.5mm 2. DESK CALENDAR Size. 240*164mm / 13months 3. 6 RING DIARY Size. 134*168mm / 124p 4. MAKING DVD About 55 mins / 1 DISC / μ§€μ—­μ½”λ“œ 1,3 / ν•œκ΅­μ–΄μŒμ„± / μžλ§‰(ν•œ,영,쀑) 5. ID PHOTO SET Size. 30*40mm / 7EA 1SET 6. MINI POSTER SET Size. 230*150mm / 10EA 1SET 7. PHOTO LENTICULAR Size. 111*163mm / RANDOM 1EA 8. GREETING MESSAGE CARD SET Size. 150*100mm /MESSAGE FILM 7EA + PHOTO CARD 7EA 9. SELFIE STICKER SET Size. 164*240mm / 2EA 1SET 🌟 BTS 2020 WALL CALENDAR :: CONTENTS :: 1. WALL CALENDAR Size. 420*600mm / 13months 2. WALL CALENDAR TUBE Diameter. 80mm / Length. 450mm ▢️Preview video: πŸ‘ Previous purchase proof: SY FINAL MD SUMMER PACKAGE 2019 MEMORIES 2018

1 month ago In K-Wave

Listed by mymagicshop613

Very Responsive


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Reviews for mymagicshop613

The seller was very nice in updating me on my purchase while in Seoul! Super duper happy I got what I wanted! Thank you 😊

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