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Kuala Lumpur
<PO CLOSED> BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR OFFICIAL MERCH GO price! Price included international shipping fee. Grab it before sold out. 🌟 Preorder till 1 May, 3pm. 🌟 Official (Ordered from Weverse Shop) 🌟 Release date: Mid June 2020 (14-28 working days after release date) 🌟 Can choose free meet up or postage 🌟 Provide freebie 🎁 to my buyers Item: Lightstick Keyring: RM95 Mini Photocard: RM55 Film Photo: RM85 Can Badge Set: RM65 Sticker Set: RM77 Deco Strap: RM102 Phone Strap: RM92 Photo Card Binder: RM147 Keyring: RM90 Lanyard Photo: RM90 Badge Set: RM80 Initial Keyring: RM105 ✨ Required to make full payment to proceed order. ✨ Will provide purchase proof. ❌ No Second Payment. ❌ Strictly no refund once I make order on Weverse Shop All Merch will be deliver to Korea address and I use courier service to send back to Malaysia. I'll not be held responsive for any delays or delivery damages caused by international shipping. Please DM if you have further questions. Looking for other MD? I didn't planned to open GO for other MD, but you can choose direct shipping. Item price (1st payment) as below: <'USA Only' Official Merch> T-Shirt - Ver. 1: RM205 T-Shirt - Ver. 2: RM205 T-Shirt - Ver. 3: RM205 Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Ver. 1: RM275 Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Ver. 2: RM275 Coach Jacket: RM540 Hoody - Ver. 1: RM365 Hoody - Ver. 2: RM365 Jogger Pants: RM275 Ball Cap: RM205 Lettering Belt: RM160 Waist Bag (PVC ver.): RM205 Cushion Cover: RM140 <Global Official Merch> Lightstick v3: ❌ Lightstick MOTS E: RM150 Lightstick Keyring: RM70 Official Slogan: RM80 Ring: RM230 Mini Photocard: RM40 Poster Set: ❌ Premium Photo: RM45 Image Picket: RM45 Spread Photo: RM125 Film Photo: RM75 Can Badge Set: RM55 Sticker Set: RM65 T-Shirt: Tour Edition: RM150 Zip-up Hoody: Tour Edition: RM270 Bucket Hat: RM180 Deco Strap: RM90 Keyring: RM80 Lanyard Photo: RM80 Strap Pouch: RM110 Phone Strap: RM80 Shopper Bag: RM25 Slogan: RM80 T-Shirt: City Edition (Seoul): RM150 Badge Set: RM70 Poster: RM40 Photo Card Binder: RM120 Anorak: RM390 Waist Bag - Global Version Black: ❌ Initial Keyring: RM95 Lucky Draw: RM30 ✨ Second payment 100% based on your orders. I will send to my Korea warehouse and you need to pay for shipping and the order will direct ship to your house. ✨ You can use your weverse shop acc to make order and earn cash. You can use my account for USA official merch. The price (1st payment) have stated clearly and no further extra cost.
1 month ago In K-Wave
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.

Listed by mymagicshop613

Very Responsive


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2020 Jun

really nice and friendlyπŸ’• received my item with good condition. will deal with you again πŸ’œ

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