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💯Original Fujifim instant film. Choose image from your hand phone,social media like facebook or instagram,edit/filter then sent to us and we will print it out to polaroid film. ❌No more worry about wrongly take a picture when using instax camera. *Please take note that the color printed by instax printer and printed from instax camera will be different.We will print according the copy you sent to us,we do not provide any photo edition in order to avoid any conflict.The quality of picture will affect the printing as well,so kindly edit the photo and set the sharpness before sent to us. *We suggest that to lower the brightness as the picture will be more brighter than original. RM4/Pcs •Minimum order 10pcs. •Print more than 20pcs to get free postage. 把电话里的照片打印成拍立得照片,你可以随意修图/加滤镜至你最满意的效果发给我们,我们会帮你打印出来。我们保证使用原装Fujifilm instax。 *为免发生不愉快的事情,我们是直接您的照片打印出来,我们不提供修图/过滤镜,而且不会重复打印。Instax 打印机和Instax照相机的色调是不一样的,打印机会比较偏亮。建议大家先用apps把照片调好再发给我们打印。 *建议颜色可以打暗和把清晰度调高,打印出来得颜色就好比较浅和偏光。

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West M'sia - RM3.50 East M'sia - RM7 Order more than 20pcs to get free postage.