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    Good product!!! Pakai sedap je, takda sakit2 belakang time mengandung. I recommend sangat dekat ibu2 mengandung luar sana. Worth to buy.

Pregnancy Support Belt


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Have you ever experience back pain during your pregnancy? About half of pregnant women suffer from back or pelvic problems. But not to worry because LombaMum could be the solution for your back and pelvic problems. Here are things where you need to know. What causes back pain during pregnancy? • Wrong Posture When your tummy becomes larger, the center of gravity of your body moves steadily forward. You then tend to draw your shoulders back and as a result develop a hollow back. In doing so you put your back muscles under a lot of pressure, often leading to searing back pain • Pelvic Instability During pregnancy your hormones ensure that the ligaments and muscles of your pelvis become flexible so that your baby is able to move more easily through the birth canal during birth. When the pelvic ligaments are weakened you will likely to feel pain in your lower back. Between 5 and 9 per cent of expectant mothers may experience difficulty in moving and a great deal of pain. The pain is mainly in the pubis, the groin or the lower back. This pain may radiate to the buttocks and legs • Busy and Working Pregnant Women It appears that you are exposed to a greater risk of pelvic instability if you lead a busy life, which prevents you from taking sufficient rest. During pregnancy your body is unable to tolerate as much stress and sufficient rest is important. Product Features • Safe: LombaMum® does not compress on the abdominal area. Instead, its unique V-shaped front supports the underside of the tummy without exerting pressure on it. • Ergonomic: Special finger loops that allow LombaMum® to be easily applied and removed • Modular design: LombaMum® is the only maternity belt that comes in 2 modular system. This innovative system enables the belt to suit women with waist length of 82 – 140cm • Accommodative: 4 adjustable stays that support the curvature of the back • Adjustable straps: Multiple modular support straps that gently lifts and takes pressure of the bladder • Comfort: Inner bamboo liner to prevent skin irritation • Made in France

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