Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

100% excellent condition jumbo size gold charm, cow skin. Got this bag from europe and used for less than 3times. This bag is kept for 2-3months. 100% clean, no scars, dent, and no scratches. Inner bag all in good condition. Everything is well kept. It was kept in the box when not using. Comes with full set, box, ribbon, flower, dust bag except receipt. I only got a tourist copy receipt. ORIGINAL PRICE: RM22,460 (KLCC price), you can call them and check. Long Q for this bag in malaysia. If you're interested please do PM me for more pictures. I am willing to show you the bag face to face in any chanel boutique in KLCC or PAVILLION to check the bag originality. * I wont ship this bag because if it's lost or anything happen (damage or etc..) i wont be responsible. If you want we can meet outside with DEPOSIT! and only meet if you're 100% serious.

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