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The details are finally out!!! (PREORDER) EXO 4TH FULL ALBUM - THE WAR (KOKO BOP) -PRICE STATE INCLUDE POSTAGE -POSTER LIMITED TO FIRST PRESS ONLY -POSTER WILL BE IN TUBE/FOLDED AS REQUESED -DATELINE WILL BE ON 17TH JULY TO SECURE THE POSTER - ALL ALBUM WILL COUNTED ON ALL CHART -FREEGIFT WILL BE GIVEN FOR EVERY ALBUM IF I REACH 50pcs ORDERS AND ABOVE AND IF REACH 100pcs EVERY ALBUM WILL GET MYSTERY GIFT. DETAILS; 3 VERSION OF ALBUM 1. REGULAR A 2. REGULAR B 3. PRIVATE C 9 SONGS IN TRACK EACH ALBUM HAS DIFFERENT PHOTOBOOK ESPECIALLY PRIVATE C BECAUSE THE PHOTOS TAKEN BY MEMBERS PRICE; RM75 TO WM, RM80 TO EM (POSTER IN TUBE) RM73 TO WM, RM76 TO EM (FOLDED POSTER) RM70 TO WM, RM73 TO EM (WITHOUT POSTER) IF YOU PURCHASE ALL THREE VERSION RM75+RM75+RM75=RM225 to wm, RM80+RM80+RM80=RM240 to em *if folded -RM2 each album *if without poster - RM5 each album IF YOU PURCHASE ALL 6 VERSION (KOREAN+CHINESE) RM75+RM75+RM75+RM70=RM295 to wm RM80+RM80+RM80+RM75=RM31T to wm *if folded -RM2 each album *if without poster - RM5 each album First dateline for limited poster; 12th July/5pm Dateline for first batch; 17th July/5pm [I will open for unsealed album if i manage to reach certain amount to allowed me to unsealed the album] How to order? DM ME!!! PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU CANNOT WAIT!!! NO CANCELLATION AFTER YOU PLACING YOUR ORDER!!! PAYMENT MUST BE MAKE ON THE SAME DAY YOU PLACING YOUR ORDER!!! IT TAKES 2 OR 3 WEEK OF WORKING DAYS TO ARRIVE AFTER RELEASE DATE NOT AFTER YOU PLACING YOUR ORDER!!! [NOTED; This is non-profit order so i cannot give more discount even you buy more since i didnt get any profit because i only doing this to help exo gain their sales.] #exocomeback #exoalbum #exo4thalbum #exo #exol #kshoponlinemalaysia #malaysiakpopmerchandise #malaysiaonlinekpopshop #onlinekpopshop #onlinestore #kpopstore #kpopshopmalaysia #malaysiaonlinestore #kstoreonlineshop #sayajualbarangkpop #barangkpopmurah #kedaikpopmurah #kedaikpopmalaysia