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[PREORDER] ▶ 3 WEEKS RM30.00 EACH EXCLUDING POSTAGE Please note that all items are from overseas and pre order period is between 7-21 days. If you can't wait, sorry please don't make order. Sorry, no refund after ordering/make payment because it is not my fault. I've made payment to supplier and if the supplier didn't send your item, it is their fault. I will try my best to ask for refund for you but I can't guarantee if they would give your money back. But I trust this supplier will send in your item exactly as you ordered except the colour or quality will be different and maybe they will insert in free gifts. If you have doubts please don't order, since I don't really want to entertain fussy buyer. Just make offer and I'll try to give you the best price I can give 😊 Offers can be made just CTB 😁 POSTAGE: RM9 WM /RM11 EM

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RM9 WM / RM11 EM