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  • theblenhd

    Hello dear.. i know that you didnt open any go yet but i hope you will open new batch for exo comeback album this mid june/july.. i would love to order from you..thanks😊

  • squishyshazzy
    hiatus (BREAK)

    UPDATE: I just opened another GO. CTB me if you want to join here: https://carousell.com/p/108828500. Thank you. @theblenhd Sure. Remind me again when they're doing a comeback because I mostly stan girl groups and might forget.

  • theblenhd

[PROOF] Non-Profit GO Batch #2


1 year ago oleh squishyshazzy


36 Suka


Dalam K-Wave


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE YOU CTB ME! https://my.carousell.com/p/faq-107911814/ This post answers 95% of the questions you want to ask me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. Here's the pic proof of the albums you guys bought from me. I'll update each one of you on the EMS. It'll be between RM9-RM11 for each album. I'll try to post them all ASAP. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !!!!!! If I ever catch you reselling the albums you bought from me to make a profit, I will immediately block you. I am helping you buy albums in a NON-PROFIT way. Where else can you get a TWICE Signal album for RM56? I won't even charge you for petrol to Pos Laju so think twice if you want to resell them !!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: So many people are asking me when's my next GO. Answer: I don't know. I'm currently not looking to buy any albums. Please stop asking and just wait until I announce it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tag: Taeyeon twice SNSD exo BTS GOT7 infinite pristin ioi gugudan red velvet Jessica Shinee GFRIEND tiffany btob exid blackpink kard momoland nct seventeen svn monsta x

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