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Magnetic oil drain plug has a powerful 5000 gauze neodymium magnet in the top. - The neodymium is the one of the most powerful magnet on the market. - Using magnetic oil drain plug can help to reduce the amount of abrasive material in your engine, while extending the life of your engine. #Size :M12×1.25/1.5 M14×1.25/1.5 M16×1.5 #Location :PJ SS2. #SHIPPING To Whole Malaysia including Sabah / Sarawak. #Online Payment Postage. #Tell: 03-78736613 #H/P:012-2390610 (STANLEY) #Business Hour :Monday - Saturday. 9:00am - 5:00pm. Sunday / Public Holiday Off. #Payment Option :Cash And Carry. Accept Debit / Credit Card. Online Payment. HLB 00400058401. KONG TEIK CHUAN.

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c. o. d. postage to whole Malaysia.