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Optimal Safety and Optimum Comfort Unbelievable Control and Stability Ultimate Performance Superior Road-holding Without Compromising Comfort Status of the Art Technology Spring Rate: Front (5K), Rear (3K) Best using for Track, Drag, Drift, Autocross, Rally & etc Special Feature: High Performance Handling & Comfort Adjustable Absorber Packages Included: 4 Pcs of Adjustable Absober (Front & Rear) Sharp Bends Brake Improvement Bough Road Port Holes & Bump Epoxy powder coating for 10 times higher rush protection Piston rod 100% surface hardened to absorb higher load and side force Height adjustable Hi-Lo-Kit Precision valves disc for better damping effect Tested 1,200,000 cycles on endurance test machine for extra durability Silent block to strengthen molting and better stability Life Time Serviceable Product Life Time Serviceable Product if Gas & Oil Leaking Product Weight: 30Kg 1 Year Warranty

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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