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Quality Light Weight Adjustable Speed 220V DIY Car Wax Polish Machine (Waxing, Polishing) 轻巧调速220V汽车抛光机打蜡机 大理石玻璃划痕修复 Features:  Lightweight (1.4kg) For Easy Control And Reduced Operator Fatigue. Ideal for Stone / Car / Floor/ Metal Surface Waxing and Polishing. Variable Speed For Desired Application Electronic Speed Control Maintains Speed Under Load Well Balanced For Maximum Control And Reduced Operator Fatigue Motor-Over-Pad Design For Better Balance And Control Light weight, easy to control, suitable for family use, car lovers and beginner 轻巧调速, 容易操作,减少使用者的疲劳。 适合石材,地板,汽车等 表面的抛光 封釉 打腊 处理等 Specification: Operated by 220V/110V Power: 450W Frequency: 50/60Hz Speed: 0-4800RPM (Multi-Speed Control) Power supply cord: 4m Net Weight: 1.4Kg approximately 电源:220V/ 110V 功率:450W 频率:50/50Hz 转速:0-4800r/min 机器净重:1.40kgs (大概) What you get? Machine Body x 1 Self Adhensive Disc (125mm) x 1 Flat Sponge Pad (125mm) x 1 (Wax Use) Wave Form Pad (125mm) x 1 (Waxing sealing glaze function) Wool Pad (125mm) x 1 (Polish use) Wrench x 1 Side Grip x 1 Free 2pcs (1 Dark Brown, 1 Yellow) pad Operating Instruction Book x 1 机身 x 1 吸盘 x 1 螺丝海绵盘 (125mm) x 1 (打蜡抛光) 波浪海绵轮 (125mm) x 1 (打蜡封釉用) 羊毛 (125mm) x 1 (抛光用) 扳手 x 1 侧握手柄 x 1 赠送一个压边海绵 (黄色和深褐色的) 使用维护手册 x 1 Tips: 1) Function of Wool Pad: Wool Pad is the most suitable material for Car waxing (currently), it is irreplaceable material as it is super fine, without Static Electricity. It will not create any scratches, the wax surface will become shiny like new. There will be some tiny villi coming out for the 1st and 2nd times usage which is normal. 2) Changing Carbon Brush (fuse): In the red corner mould on each side of a coin-sized black mount point, using a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the lid to install or replace the sponge head. Very convenient! The new machine has been fitted with a pair, without installation. 提示 羊毛性能: 羊毛是目前最适合汽车抛光材料,其它材料无可替代,超细且无静电,不会产生任何细小划痕,而且抛光面光亮如新,开始一二次会掉些细小的绒毛,哪是自然现象,二次后就好了。请广大客人放心使用! 更换碳刷: 碳刷(保险丝):在红色机壳两边各有一只一角硬币大小黑色安装点,用一字螺丝刀旋下盖子,即可安装或更换,非常方便!新机已安装有一付,无需安装。 Safety: 1) Keep the working place clean. 2) Do not operated rainny, humid, with at places with rain, humit or with flammable liquid or gas environment. 3) Keep power cord away from heat, oil and sharp objects, the power cord must be replaced when damaged, do not touch with exposed conductors to prevent electric shock. 4) Keep in a dry place and out of reach of children if not in use 5) Do not exceed the tool's ability to work or use, do not use small power tools to do great work load to avoid damage. 6) Do not use this tool to do work outside of their functions .. 7) Work wear overalls and wearing protective glasses 8) Unplug the power cord when not in use to prevent the danger of accidentally start. 安全注意事项: 1. 保持工作区域的清洁. 2. 不要在雨中,过度潮湿或有可燃性液体和气体的地方使用. 3. 电源线要远离热源,油和尖锐的物体,电源线损坏时要及时更换,不要与裸露的导体接触以防电击. 4. 工具不用时要放在干燥且小孩接触不到的地方. 5. 不要超过工具的工作能力来使用,不要用小功率的工具来做大负荷的工作以免损坏. 6. 不要使用此工具做其功能以外的工作. 7. 工作时要穿工作服并戴防护眼镜. 8. 工具不用时要拔掉电源线以防意外启动造成危险. Remarks: - Product color in picture may slightly vary from actual products. - Product overall dimension +/- 1 to 2cm.

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