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Rain soul


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Ready stock (EXP: September/2020) Includes: (1) Box of (30) FREE 2 pack (100% Original) Benefits:Black Cumin Seed: contains adaptogen that has the ability to increase the human body’s resistance, which protects it from various health challenges.Black Raspberry Seed: contain antioxidant-like phytonutrients including ellagitannins and anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that help support many bodily functions and overall good health.Chardonnay Grape Seed: abundant source of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins. This is important for brain health due to their free radical-quenching antioxidant and collagen-protecting effects.D-Ribose: Replenishes and regenerates cell system energy preventing free radical damage to our cells due to oxidative damage by daily activities like exercise, daily stress, excess smoking, etc. Rain International products are manufactured in a top-of-the-line facility, using only non-GMO ingredients. Our unique cold-press process leaves no harsh chemical waste; it does not emit harmful smoke into the atmosphere. The lack of harsh chemical and high heat proves beneficial to the seeds, keeping nutrition intact with mild processing. Features : Promotes good health and improved flexibility providing 12 Vitamins, 12 Minerals, 9 essential Fatty acids with all the ingredients are 100% organic and natural,No GMOs, Artificial Preservatives, or Artificial Ingredients.Combined effects: The various ingredients of Soul elevates the effectiveness of one another, achieving greater results.Neutralizes Free Radicals: Soul prevents cell oxidation, supporting optimal health to the cellular level.Natural Energy Booster: Soul infuses you with core nutrients and D-RIBOSE, providing sustained energy boost for mind and body without the crash that energy drinks give. The power of Seeds for your cells... Anti-oxidant ... Anti-inflammatory ... Anti-aging #rain #soul #rainsoul #antiaging #antioxidant #collagen #drinks #natural #love #health #love #blessed #rainsoul #beauty #supplements #antiaging #antioxidant #cell RAINSOUL Rain SOUL 的好处 : * 增加能源,性能和耐力。 必需脂肪酸加强产热,帮助肌肉,防止肌肉分解,并加速恢复疲劳。 * 加强免疫系统。 必需脂肪酸使激素花生酸类物质,调节免疫和炎症反应。 N-3脂肪酸具有抗炎作用,能减缓自身免疫损伤。 * 减低患心血管疾病元素。 必需脂肪酸(尤其是n3s)降低血压异常高,三甘油脂,脂蛋白(a),纤维蛋白原,血栓形成倾向,和炎症。 * 改善大脑功能。 情绪,智力,行为和视觉。我们的大脑超过60%的脂肪。必需脂肪酸是整个神经质系统的重要组成部分。这些措施,使神经递质血清素。抑郁症和其他大脑疾病显示N-3水平下降。 * 援助减轻体重。 必需脂肪酸有助于保持情绪和精力和[抑制食欲,从而帮助减肥。最近发现,它们能阻断令体内产生脂肪的基因(饱和及反式脂肪没有这个效果相同),增加产热脂肪。 * 调节器官和腺体。 肝,肾,肾上腺和甲状腺,而雄性和雌性激素的生产需要必需脂肪酸。 * 快速恢复和愈合。 必需脂肪酸是细胞生长和分裂需要。它们构成所有细胞膜和调节至关重要的细胞活性。 * 支持儿童的健康发展。 对于神经系统的发育,一个成长中的胎儿需从母亲的身体摄取最佳的必需脂肪酸。母亲在怀孕期间最缺乏必需脂肪酸,所以为了自己与子女的健康,母亲必需摄入足够的脂肪酸。 * 改善消化。 消化不良必影响免疫系统,可引起肠道炎症,漏肠(leaky gut),过敏症。 N-3脂肪酸改善肠道,减少炎症和“漏肠”。 * 减少感染。 必需脂肪酸有抗真菌,抗酵母和抗微生物性能,有助于防止感染。 * 保持骨骼强壮。 必需脂肪酸中的矿物质,保持骨骼和牙齿坚固,有助于预防骨胳疏松症的运输援助。 * 保护遗传物质。 必需脂肪酸调控基因表达,和N-3抑制肿瘤生长。 * 舒缓经痛。 研究表明,N-6(GLA)的摄入量经妇女投票,跻身前三名为经痛最有效的资料方法。 N-3脂肪酸可能会更加有效。 * 制造漂亮的皮肤,头发和指甲。 必需脂肪酸不足的先兆不足有些干燥,片状皮肤,无光泽的头发,指甲变脆。 N-3脂肪酸可以帮助皮肤问题,如湿疹,牛皮癣,痤疮和皮肤状况。

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Rain soul




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