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For Perodua Myvi 1.3 / 1.5 / Lagi best / Alza 1.5 Redline Performance Air Filter (Washable/ Cuci pakai semula/ 可清洗重复使用) Penapis Udara Aliran Tunggi 高流量风网 Just a simple step, replace the air filter you will improve your car performance. Materials : Advance Fabric Cotton Technology High Air Flow, more power for pickup. *** (70~80% Users feedback can feel the power improve, very subjective to individual driving style and car condition) Save fuel for gentle driver, reason no need press pedal too much. Easy to install, plug n play. Easy to maintain. No need reoil. Cotton type : Wash water with light soap, do not use acid type. Dry and ready to use. ** No pressure air blow ** www.facebook.com/carbarang #myvi #alza #perodua #redline #airfilter #carbarang #performance

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NSK Trade City, Malaysia

Day time by appointment. Night time Taman Desa Old Klang Road.

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Pos Laju. Free Pos after full payment.