(RENTAL) Sigma USB Dock UD-01 (for Nikon F-mount)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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LENS ACCESSORIES FOR RENTAL! - Sigma USB Dock UD-01 - For Nikon mount - To fix focus shift Do you own Global Vision lenses (Art, Sport, Contemporary) from Sigma and experiencing focus shift? Then you need this! Just do the calibration and all will be good. I own a 35mm and it has some front focus shift. I had used “AF Fine Tune” function in camera but does not give perfect result for every distance. And this small little thing managed to fix that! Now my lens focus perfectly on every distance thrown at it. LOL. If you use zoom lens, you probably need a full day or more. But if just fixed focal length, a day should be enough. Rate: - RM20 per day, flat rate What needed: - IC copy - Contact number - Address - Second contact for guarantor What you will get: - Sigma USB Dock - Connecting cable What if situation: - Visual damage : Penalty will be imposed depending on severity - Functionality damage : Renter to pay for repairing cost, or if unable to repair, full price of the USB dock will be imposed and renter can keep the item. BLOCKED DATE USB DOCK None

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia