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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2017 Super Duke 1290 and GT models are now verified to fit with the Rottweiler Intake system. There are no changes to the stock airboxes for 2017 so fittment has been confirmed. The Rottweiler Intake System has proven itself thousands of times over to be the #1 intake system for all KTM big twins by making (by far) the most horsepower, allowing the fastest and easiest filter services, keeping the cleanest intake charge and being the lightest weight kit available. Now we have brought this successful intake system to the 1290 Super Duke and Super Duke GT with the results KTM owners have become used to. Perfection. Don't let the stock airbox blues get you down, the Rottweiler Intake System for the 1050 through 1290s is here and makes it's usual big gains. Stage 1 Kit: 1 Rottweiler Series Dome Filter Element 1 base plate adapter Full Stage 1 Kit + TVS-80-59 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (x1 - Rear) + TVS-80-59 Billet Tuned Velocity Stack (x1)

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