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Sard fuel regulator adapter V2 Mitsubishi/Proton 4GXX engine BLACK single piece model 38730


1 year ago oleh rfaracing


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Sard fuel regulator adapter V2 Mitsubishi/Proton 4GXX engine BLACK single piece model 38730 Sard Blue Series fuel regulator adaptor Honda Single Piece model 34770 Sard fuel regulator adapter V2 Honda BLACK single piece model 38728 SARD Mitsubishi/Proton Black Series fuel regulator adapter 2pc kit model 39208 SARD Honda Black Series fuel regulator adapter 2pc/kit model 39210 Sard fuel regulator adaptor Honda with 2 fitting screws model 30154 Greddy Mitsubishi/Proton fuel regulator adapter model 32628 JDM Campro fuel regulator adapter model 32629 Various model. Please contact us for quotation. Thanks~ *********************************************************************************************** Online Payment: DBS 0193046117 (Kang Tiong Hwa) *********************************************************************************************** Hi, we are garage from Johor Bahru. Besides of selling various of auto parts and accessories, we do also provide professional and reliable car servicing, repairing, modifying, troubleshooting, tuning, track car conversion and track preparation. For further info, may whatsapp 91278747 or +6010-566 5087. www.wasap.my/60105665087 www.wasap.my/6591278747 Pls like us and follow us@ www.facebook.com/RFAracing, you will get bi-weekly updates on our different promotion. Thanks~

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npce09Beware of this seller! I bought plate numbers. He ...baca lebih lanjut
1 year ago
rfaracingi am sorry for your misunderstanding, somehow i have to explain to you not just in the phone, i wish i can make myself clear here too. some of my product pic have different colours for same item as shown in pic, do you mean i have to sell as a set to my customer? so you have to ask before your purchase and even during your collection. you can request me for refund on the spot, not after you try the product and get back to me and ask me for refund and giving such excuse. i wil ignore it.
four-ageVery good experience buying with him. As promised ...baca lebih lanjut
cs_beeGreat seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item d...baca lebih lanjut
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