Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

AUTHORIZED GROUP ORDER 👉Size: 12cm 👉Options: Corgi Cheol, Rabbit Jeong, Bambi Jisoo, Carrot Jun, Hamster Hoshi, Raccoon Hoon, Seal Boo 👉Deposit: RM 45 (Will not be given back) 👉Second payment needed (International+local postage) 👉International postage will be lower than RM 10 (it depends on the number of buyer) Local postage for WM RM 7 // EM RM 10 👉Dateline: 3/8 👉Free gifts will be given to every buyers FREQUENT ASKED Q&A 👉Will there be dolls for another members ? Yes, other members' will be on second batch. The info for other members will be release after first batch end. You cannot buy first batch's dolls when second batch open. 👉When will I receive the doll ? First batch estimated to reach before Diamond Edge in MY on 9/9. Second batch confirm to not reach before the concert. 👉Can I collect my doll on 9/9? Yes! We can meet on 9/9 and no local postage is needed. 👉What are the free gifts ? Most probably photocards? TBC

Pilihan Urus Janji


Stadium Negara, Malaysia

On 9/9 Diamond Edge concert

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RM 7 Pos Laju