Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

●Feature 1.SUS420 stainless steel blades, hard and excellent anti-erosion properties. 2.Specially treated blades with anti-bacterial and anti-rusting properties. 3.Blades jagged designed to prevent food from moving or sticking. Use for cutting vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood...etc. Also, can be a general scissors. 4.Patented safety button, safety to use, and reduce the risk of baby misusing. 5.Ergonomically grips-arc curved specially designed, easy to use. 6.Grips with nut cracker design, can also be used as a shellfish cracker. 7.Perfect size when on the go. 8.Come with hygienic cap, keep blades clean and hygienic when on the go. ●Material : SUS420 stainless steel, ABS, PP

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West Malaysia: RM7, East Malaysia: RM10