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SipSnap TOT Universal Silicone Sippy Lid, Sandbox - Drink Cover Kid's Drinking Lid Vessel Spill-Proof Stretchy For Baby Kid Toddler Learning Training Cup Mug Feeding Travel Double Double Boon Snug Spout 婴幼儿学饮吸嘴杯盖


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Original SipSnap TOT universal silicone sippy cup lid by Double Double. A perfect mealtime companion. Your child learns to drink from real cups while you get a little bit of extra peace. This universal sippy cup lid can be stretched over any cup to provide a convenient, at home, or on the go, spill-proof kids' drinking vessel. SipSnap TOT is perfect for the younger ones transitioning from bottles. Use the cups you already own and gain more control over what material your child drinks from. Each set comes with three SipSnaps and a case. • Stretches over all cup sizes. • Made of high quality LFGB approved food grade silicone. • Spill-proof. • Chew resistant drinking spout. • BPA, phthalate, and latex free. • Gives you more choice over the material your child drinks from. • Roll-stop bumper so your tipped cup doesn't go far. • Dishwasher safe and boil safe for sterilization. • Folds and stacks for compact storage. • Environmentally responsible — use the cups you already own. • Comes with a case so you can easily take it along on small and big trips. • Great to use at restaurants and parties. • Red Dot Award and Family Choice Award winner for 2015. GREAT FOR Toddlers and young children transitioning from bottles. Also work great for the handicapped, elderly, or anyone with fine motor difficulty. SPECIFICATIONS • Material: Stretchy & durable silicone • Color: Cyan, Green, Red • Origin: China • Package contents: 3 universal sippy cup lids; 1 carrying case https://liveplus.shop/sipsnap-tot-universal-silicone-sippy-lid-sandbox - SipSnap TOT 通用硅胶吸嘴杯盖,沙盒系 由 Double Double 设计的原装 SipSnap TOT 通用硅胶吸嘴杯盖。最佳的用餐拍档。您的孩子学会用杯子喝水,您也获得一些悠闲。 这通用的吸嘴杯盖可套在任何杯子上使用,提供方便、在家或旅途、儿童的防溢漏饮具。 SipSnap TOT 非常适合给从奶瓶过渡到水杯的宝宝。使用您已有的杯子和更好地选择孩子的水杯材质。每套配有三个 SipSnap 吸嘴杯盖和一个收纳盒。 • 可套在所有尺寸的杯子。 • 由高品质 LFGB 认可的食品级硅胶制成。 • 防溢漏。 • 耐咬的饮嘴。 • 不含双酚 A(BPA),邻苯二甲酸盐和乳胶。 • 让您在水杯材质上有更多的选择。 • 防滚缓冲块让倒下的水杯不会滚远。 • 可用洗碗机清洗和沸水消毒。 • 可折叠和堆叠,以便于存放。 • 对环境负责 — 使用您已有的杯子。 • 配有一个收纳盒,方便在大小旅途中随身携带。 • 非常适合在餐厅和派对上使用。 • 2015 年红点设计(Red Dot)大奖和家庭选择(Family Choice)大奖得主。 适用于: 幼儿和从奶瓶过渡到水杯的宝宝。也适用于残疾人士、老年人或有动作协调困难的人。 规格参数: • 材质:弹性和耐用的硅胶 • 颜色:青色、绿色、红色 • 产地:中国 • 包装内容:3 个通用吸嘴杯盖; 1 个收纳盒 https://liveplus.shop/sipsnap-tot-universal-silicone-sippy-lid-sandbox


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