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SOKANO Premium Children Safety Car Seat is a child seat combining the benefits of an infant carrier and a car seat that grows with your child. SOKANO Premium Children Safety Car Seat can used within 3 stage: First stage: 9-18kg; Second stage: 15-25kg; Third stage: 25-36kg First stage: Young children need 5 points safety belt to secure your children on the seat. It has protective cushioned wing to absorb any possible impact from side. It has specially designed children cushion seat to make your children comfortably sit in the SOKANO Premium Children Safety Car Seat. Second stage: The inner cushion can be detached to give a bigger space for your children. 3 points secure belt is more than enough to secure your children at seat. Third stage: Children can use the normal car seat belt at this period. However, their height is a limitation for the normal car seat belt to properly protect them from shocks. The children cushion can increase the height of the seat to get proper position under the seat belt. The cushion can be detached fully from the frame to wash. The material is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, breathable material which is safe to be used with your children. The shoulder strap can be easily adjustable to suit your children size. The back can be reclining to proper position. Head support part can be adjusted as well. Specification: Age group: 9 months- 12 years (9-36kg) Color: Red Weight of carseat: 4.8kg

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