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About the Product The Spectra 9+ from South Korea is the most portable pump you will come cross. Perfect for mums wanting complete portability and flexibility so they can pump how they like, when they like and where they like! Features: 🏆High performance, with maximum suction of 300mmHg 🏆Feature of both single and double sided pump. Pump both breasts at once will save you a lot of time! Double pumping also ramps up levels of prolactin (the milk producing hormone) in your blood, so is better for supporting milk supply. The 9+ makes it easy to swap from single to double pumping with a nozzle - just attach a milk collection kit to double pump, and simply close off second nozzle for single pumping. 🏆Comes with a Massage (Letdown) Mode that helps stimulate your body's let down reflex to speed up start of milk flow. It helps you express faster. 🏆10 level suction/cycle (speed adjustment) allows you to adjust to a comfortable level for optimum milk expression. As you increase suction, speed will slow down. See S2 if you want even more control over cycle program 🏆Hygenic closed system prevents liquid from flowing back into pump motor, keeping you safe from mould/virus transmission LCD display allows you to keep track of settings and duration of pumping. 🏆Built in rechargable battery in a small tight unit - bring this sturdy little unit anywhere - home, work or travel. Battery life is usually sufficient for 2-3 sessions of 30min but also depends on user settings (vacuum level and period of time in massage mode). 🏆A safety automatic power - off after 30 minutes system Some points to note: 👉🏻The 9+ doesn’t provide as much flexibility over the pump program as the S2 (but still more than other pumps). 👉🏻Is slightly noisier than the Spectra S2 and Dew models (but spectra pumps are much quieter as compared to other brands). 👉🏻If you are exclusively pumping or needing to rely on a pump to establish supply, we do always recommend you use a hospital grade breast pump – i.e. the Spectra S2 or Dew 350. What's in the box: 🌼Pump and AC adapter 🌼Premium Breastshield Set 28mm x 2 (default size of the breast shield is 28mm) 🌼Backflow Protector ( New version) x 2 🌼Tubing x 2 🌼Valve x 2 🌼Wide neck bottle with cap x 2, teat x 1 *All components in contact with your milk are BPA free. BlessedBaby carry a wide selection of Spectra spare parts and accessories here.

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