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  • fiezabaharuddin-ff

    @joy.dots shes not from carousell dear 😔. would have reported if she is.

  • jolly.dots

    @fiezabaharuddin-ff Ouch nasty nasty. I found out selling at Fb - those makeup group a lot of MIA cases

  • butter_finger

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11 months ago oleh fiezabaharuddin-ff


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Gonna rant so hard hence thanks for your time on reading this yea. So I am selling my stuffs at other platforms as well besides carousell. This happened outside carousell. Here's the chronology: Day 1: There was this lady who contacted me to purchase 1 of my items priced at RM 300, super long questions asked & answered and finally she agreed to purchase the item. Day 2: Asked for my banking details and i gladly provided them to her as she sounded really keen. Before she made any payment she had given me her details for postage (name, address & contact no) which i had never asked before any payment was made. Fine, probably that's her style of buying things online. Day 3: Around 2pm ++ she asked me if I had posted her item cause she was planning to wear it somewhere at the end of the week. And she asked for the tracking no. I was like, errrrr dude there was no record at all of you transferring or banked in ANY MONEY into my acc and you were asking me WHUTTT???!?? I was still calm and asked her nicely when did she make the payment as sometimes IBG transfer takes quite a while depending on which bank you use. And she replied me: "Owh just wanted to tell you, I had to cancel the deal, bought from someone else". SHE CANCELLED THE DEAL 😤 💥Hey clown then WHY DID YOU ASKED ME IF I HAD POSTED THE ITEM TO YOU when there was NO PAYMENT MADE?? I really wanted to curse & swear at her but i never did that to anyone (don't ask me that's just the way I am 😅) hence i just kept quiet and didn't reply her anymore. Look, I wasn't mad if you wanted to cancel the deal, trust me I wasn't angry at all (some of you here backed out on me or cancelled deals many times but I didn't scold or got mad at you, havent i?). What really raised the temperature in me was as though she wanted the item FOR FREE without needing to pay 🤦🏻‍♀️ Really, people and their ways of tricking or scamming you are UNBELIEVABLE. Best part was her profile states she's an owner of this this online shop. If you're a seller hence you should know la selling & buying etiquettes unless you have something else up your sleeves. Moral of the story is: NEVER EVER POST ANYTHING BEFORE YOU HAVE CONFIRMED THE BUYER HAD MADE THE PAYMENT. please. Always tell yourself you're wayyyy smarter than the scammers. Thanks for reading hihi 😊. And be safe.

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