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SPYKE EVOLUTION FUEL ADDITIVES: ENGINEERED TO PROTECT & SAVE FUEL Reduce Maintenance 100% active ingredients actively Cleans, Lubricates and Protects your engine components from carbon deposits and friction. This prolongs the lifespan of your engine and it’s components. Fuel Economy A clean, protected and smooth engine operating in optimal conditions provides lower fuel consumption. That means, more kilometres for you with lesser fuel used. Great savings for everyone! Green Technology Manufactured and formulated using plant based raw materials which are from sustainable sources. It is also environmentally friendly as it reduces toxic emissions and black smoke to save our environment from pollution. THE MOST POTENT PETROL ADDITIVE: POWER + PERFORMANCE SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR PETROL ENGINES + Considerably improves acceleration and power + Boosts Octane rating to optimize combustion and prevent engine knocking + Actively cleans and improves lubricity of fuel injectors + Actively cleans intake ports, valves and the fuel system + Protects from corrosive activities in fuel system + Provides Irresistible Driving Pleasure + Improves Power + Performance + Smoother Acceleration + Improves Fuel Consumption + Optimizes Combustion Process + Reduces Engine Knocking + Pinging hence a Quieter Engine + 100% Active Ingredients + Potent Cleaning and enhanced lubricity of the fuel injector system + Reduced Toxic Emissions + Faster + Smoother Ignition + Net 150ml treats up to 5 full tanks! Made in Malaysia. For more information, visit www.spyke-fuel.com

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