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Super Rare Minolta compact Bellows BODY: This item is in "near mint" condition (see pictures).  FUNCTION: All is working without a problem. Including: Front cap Rear cap Free shipping within Malaysia.. The lens and camera is not include.. For display only.. Rm899.00 Feel free to ask me any questions about this Super Rare Bellows whatapp me 0169167478 with front & rear cap for Bellows.. Free : Md to Nikon mount (to camera) & M42 to Md Mount (for M42 Lens) More Information about the Minolta Compact Bellows. Minolta Compact Bellows is a take anywhere bellows unit that provides extensions from 41.5mm to 100mm and can be used with focal length lenses of 45mm to 200mm. With a 50mm lens mounted normally, for example, images from about 4/5 life size to twice life size on the film (0.8x to 1.9x) can be obtained; with the same lens mounted in reverse position, magnifications from 1.6x to 2.6x are possible. Used with a 100mm Auto Bellows Macro lens, the bellows enables focusing continuously from infinity to images more than 1/2 life size; the greater lens-to-subject working distance with this combination is especially suitable for close-ups of unapproachable subjects or for more convenient lighting. The compact bellows features sturdy, precise supports that move smoothly, can be locked securely in place, or collapse easily to minimum size.

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