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TAMARACK 13wire Car Alarm System with Brake Lock (Built-in Central Locking Relay) Model: XH-318 (13p) Rm70 (Without Installation) (All Model Button Price is Same) Can Fix For All Car / MPV / SUV 2017 Latest Model 2017 Latest Design New Stock Coming Stock is Ready -Arm the alarm -Disarm the alarm -Mute alarm mode -Auto-lock modes -Panic, car finding -Stop siren temporarily -Call for emergency help -Intelligent mode/ normal mode -Auto re-arm -Warnings of improper closed doors -Driving lock -Brake lock -Warning for abnormal situations -Memory alarm modes -Emergency disarm -Code learning Method -Remote control code cancellation -Built-in Central Locking Relay 100% Genuine Brand New 100% Original New Set in Box High Quality

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