Theft Protection Motorcycle Anti-theft Alarm Security Disc Brake Lock 2 Keys, whatsapp 0182941089

Puchong, Malaysia

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Butiran produk whatsapp 0182941089 Warm Note: When you choose size Mode 1, color Gray,Blue,Orange and Yellow available for choose When you choose size Mode 2, color Black available for choose Mode 1 Feature below: Package:1 * Motorcycle alarm lock & 2 * Keys Material:Stainless Steel Color:Gray,Blue,Orange,Yellow Size:8cm*6cm*3cm/3.15"*2.36"*1.18" Apply to:Motorcycle,Electric vehicle Install:On the brake disc Mode 2 Feature below: Package:1*Bike Wheel Lock & 2 Keys Color:Black,Blue,Red Outer Size:4.3cmx 5.2cm(1.69"*2.05")/H*W Application:Bicycle,electric bicycle,motorcycle How to use: 1.Lock in 2.Plug in the key to the end. Then you will hear a sound like"di.." which means the lock alarm is on. At this time if you shake the lock, it will alarm twice like "didi" to warn. 3.Shake the lock, it will alarm 4.Disarm the alarm first before unlocking the lock. When you plug in the key to the end , the alarm will be disarmed.

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