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-Permanently seal punctures up to 12mm upon impact -Applicable for Tubeless and run-flat-tires -15,000km extra protection -Use flat tire until the tread wear worn off -No balancing issue -Eco-friendly, Non toxic and Non Corrosive -Easy washable formula -5 years shelf life World's First Permanent Sealant 24/7 hassle free puncture solution TireCare Kit Introducting TIRECARE - a cutting edge puncture prevention solution like no others. TireCare employs most advanced nano fiber technology to able to seal puncture up to 16mm permanently in seconds. A very first in the industry. TireCare is eco-friendly harmless to wheel, rims and TPMS-friendly formula content of Natural rubber latex and plant extract. No vulcanized or patch required to the punctured wound. Use the flat tires until the tread wear worn off. TPMS Certified (It will never effect the tire-pressure) and 100% safe. Can be installed in 10 minutes and is completely DIY (Do it yourself). Easy and convenient to be keep in the car. Installation: To install, use the provided Valve Opener to remove the valve core and air will be leak out. Once the tire is completely deflated, use the provided tube injector to apply TireCare. Make sure to put the right amount of TireCare in the tire for maximum effectiveness. Inflate the tire to desired pressure. YOU ARE READY TO GO! 1 x TireCare Revive Tyre Sealant 400ml 1 x Water Proof Bag 1 x Valve Opener 1 x Tube Injector 1 x Air Compressor (5 year warranty) Please register warranty at https://tirecare.com.my/warranty/ FB : https://www.facebook.com/TireCareMalaysia/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClrj2A2HSnIlt4x1G_GQhNg Website : www.tirecare.com.my

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