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Year of the Snake "Fu" Coin The joyful snake and six inverted lucky bats symbolise the arrival of good luck! Year of the Snake "Lu" Coin The smart snake and eight gold ingots ("Yuan Bao") represent endless riches! Year of the Snake "Shou" Coin The vigorous snake and four pairs of plump peaches (fruits of longevity) bring health the and longevity! These gold coins are masterpieces of the Valcambi sa, Switzerland Issued to commemorate the Year of the Snake, they are delicately struck in .9999 pure gold to excellent proof quality! Each coin captures a vivid snake with a Chinese character that denotes a distinctive blessing - Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth) and Shou (longevity), to bring you triple blessings! 8gm Three-coin Set .9999 Fine Gold Limited collectible 1,000 sets worldwide Comes with FREE Gold Coated Coin Ideal for gift. RM 5,999.00 Up to 12 months, as low as RM 499.92 per month. BUY NOW @ https://tinyurl.com/ybgrocqb

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