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Turtle Multipurpose Cleaner 650ml 龟牌万能泡沫清洁剂 汽车内饰真皮去污剂 洗车液 泡沫清洁剂 Product Features Bubble type Suitable for car interior as well as office furniture/accessories/ home carpet/ sofa/ curtain/ Golf accessories / Suitable for Leather, PVC, wood, Plastic, fabric, etc Capacity: 650ml How to use? 1) Shake it before use 2) Spray on surface that you want to clean, wait for the bubble to float, then use dry cloth to wipe away the bubble 3) If use for cleaning leather, can use wet cloth to wipe away the bubble and wash the cloth several times and wipe the leather to avoid any residue left on leather 4) If use for a surface with serius dirt, can spray more bubble and wait longer time for the bubble to float, if necessary, can use brush to soften the dirt, and follow by dry cloth to wipe away the bubble 5) Keep this product under cool environment (No more than 40 celcius) How to use? 1pc of Turtle Multipurpose Cleaner (650ml) Remarks: - Product color in picture may slightly vary from actual products. - Product overall dimension +/- 1 to 2cm.

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