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[PREORDER 预购] TWICE Thailand Edition TWICECOASTER LANE2 Official Release Date 官方发行日期 : 07.07.2017 RM150 WM 西马包邮 RM160 EM 东马包邮 *Price included all fees and postage. *Poster in tube while stock last. *Free gifts will be given. *Can help to unseal and trade random card. *价钱包含所有税务及运费. *海报视音像店库存为准, 会以海报筒邮寄. *附送小礼物. *可以帮忙拆封交换随机小卡. You can also order their old Thailand Edition albums. Buy 2 albums can discount RM10, 3 albums discount RM20, 4 albums discount RM30, and so on. PREORDER DUEDATE 预购截止日期 : 26/6/2017 5PM (ONLY ONE BATCH 只有一批)

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