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Dalam K-Wave


[URGENT SALE!!] VARIOUS ALBUM 1)Pristin elastic / prismatic version Unsealed / without pc Rm25[❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 2)sf9 burning sensation unsealed without pc rm38[ ❎SOLD ❎] 3)sf9 feeling sensation unsealed without pc rm28[❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 4)bts hyyh pt1 unsealed without pc rm38 [❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 5)bts hyyh pt2 unsealed without pc rm38 -With taehyung pc rm80[❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 6)bts skool luv affair unsealed without pc rm38[❎SOLD ❎] 7)bts wings album (N, G) unsealed without pc 35 -with jungkook pc rm80 [❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 8)ikon debut full album unsealed without pc rm40 -with yunhyeong welcome pack rm75 9)halo hello halo unsealed without pc rm20 -with yoondong pc rm35 10)halo grow up unsealed without pc rm20 -with yoondong pc rm35 11)bts 2 cool 4 skool rm60[❎SOLD ❎] 12)bts epilogue without pc rm160 -With taehyung pc (qyop) [❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 13) bts live on stage 2015 without pc rm230[ ❎SOLD ❎] 14)bts 3rd muster DVD without pc rm160 -with group pc (qyop) !!!ALBUM THAT I HAVE BUT NOT IN THE PICTURE: 15) Twice signal Mina cd plate rm40 [❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 16) Twice signal dahyun cd plate rm40 17) winner "winner collection" photobook rm45 18)nct dream the first unsealed without pc rm40 -with chenle pc rm65 19)ioi miss me album unsealed without pc rm45[❎SOLD ❎] -with somi pc rm85[❎SOLD ❎] 20)seventeen alone album unsealed without pc and cd rm30 21)bts season greeting 2017 unsealed without pc rm250 -with jhope pc rm300 PHOTOCARD: (REQUEST FOR PICTURE,ALL OFFICIAL) 1) apink hayoung 3rd panda membership pc rm25 2)seventeen Dino make it happen pc rm20 3)seventeen the8 love & letter bookmark rm20 4)seventeen Vernon love&letter repackage album small pc rm20 5)seventeen dk love&letter repackage album big polaroid rm35 6)seventeen the8 love&letter repackage album big Polaroid rm35 7)mamamoo hwasa RARE fancafe Polaroid (taken herself) rm100 8)Twice signal momo special card rm40 9)pristin photocard (eunwoo, nayoung, kyulkyung, Rena, roa) 10)sf9 burning sensation taeyang pc rm30 [❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 11) sf9 burning sensation taeyang postcard rm20[❎❎SOLD ❎❎] 12)seventeen alone album individual photocard(check my listing)

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