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Best price: RM80 Size: 3mm X 50mm x 10 meter Available qty:60 rolls Weight: 1.25kg/roll Volcanic Rock@Basalt fiber , basalt stone melts at 1450 ° C ~ 1500 ° C by platinum-rhodium alloy. Similar to glass fiber , high strength of its performance between S and E-glass fibers E between the glass fiber , color natural basalt fiber is generally brown, like gold. This product is processed by a special basalt fiber weaving made with environmentally friendly, non-toxic, reusable, and good thermal insulation effect, the use of temperature between -260 degrees to 980 degrees. Basalt fiber is fireproof materials , high temperature materials , reinforcing materials , corrosion resistant materials , heat and sound insulation, thermal insulation material. Performance: ★ high temperature, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low thermal capacity; ★ excellent high-temperature insulation performance, long life; ★ touch with anti-melting aluminum, zinc and other nonferrous metals etching capability; ★ has good low temperature and high temperature strength; ★ non-toxic, harmless, no adverse effects on the environment; Applications ★ car exhaust head coke insulation ★ car exhaust pipe insulation ★ motorcycle exhaust pipe insulation ★ household gas pipeline fire insulation against hot domestic gas water heater Application and effect: 1. Automobile exhaust head coke insulation: an effective barrier to the engine exhaust manifold heat, reduce the temperature of the engine compartment to protect power lines and pipes, reduce the body temperature. 2. Automobile exhaust pipe insulation: effectively reduce exhaust noise. 3. Motorcycle exhaust pipe insulation against hot: effective thermal insulation motorcycle exhaust pipe

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Payment option: - For postage, payment via Maybank 2U & CIMB Click or Cash Deposit, please request for bank account number. Postage charges:- 1. For within Semenanjung, Pos Laju, please add RM15/roll. 2. For East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). via Pos Laju please add RM20/roll. 3. All postage charges are subject to current charges by the above courier companies, we shall inform as accordingly.