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Wedding video service only Rm200?? Price includes editing?? Really?? Yes, and may I explain why so cheap. I am just starting out to do wedding video services. I know how to take nice shots and I know how to do great video editing. my background has always been in creative design for years. However, I have never ever done a wedding video before. But I would love to start somewhere and start to build my portfolio. Also, why I'm charging so cheap is because I am using a compact camera instead of a DSLR camera. I believe you can still produce awesome wedding videos by just using compact camera. The camera I am using is Panasonic TZ70 with leica lens. The quality is HD and it is really good enough if you ask me. So there you go, that is why I am charging so cheap. So if you like to give a little support, or on a super tight budget but want your special day to be recorded,and have confidence in me. Please do so to contact/whatsapp me so I can explain further. 0182875960 - V Thanks!

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