Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

To Expand Our Business, we are looking for Full Time Reseller or Dropshipper to join our team😉 欢迎代理加入我们的团队! You can work at home or anyhwhere! ✔Age 18+ above ✔Looking for Hardworking Reseller ✔Min 2 Years Experience in Branded Industry ✔Patience & Branded Lover ✔You must have Basic Knowledge ✔寻找勤奋的代理 ✔在本行最少两年经验 ✔年龄18岁以上 ✔诚信以及热爱名牌奢侈品 **Please do not use our pictures without permission** **没有本公司批准,请别盗用图** Whatsapp +60163138444😉 有意者请联络我们谢谢!