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Product details of Well Lube Semi Synthetic SAE 10W40 (4L) Engine Oil ➪ Well Lube Semi Synthetic 10W40 is a high quality synthetic engine oil that is valued for reliable performance. It is specially formulated with high quality synthetic base oil with the most advanced additive components which require API SN standard which functions to reduce engine friction and protect your engine from stress of starting, stop-go conditions. It provides high temperature protection for thermal breakdown during hot weather. Highlights ➪ • Excellent lubrication, wear protection and friction reduction. • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance. • Protection against wear, extending components' life. • Environmentally friendly. Key Benefits ➪ • More powerful engine • Synthetic performance • Provides improved fuel economy • Protects against rust and corrosion • Faster lubrication at low temperature start-up • Superior protection against engine wears and tears • Eliminates the requirements for oil treatment additives • Improved to help protect vehicle emission system components • Increased protection against the formation of harmful engine deposits • Meets engine oil recommendations for many other equipment manufacturers that recommend oil of this viscosity and quality Payment Option ➪ Cash Bank-in / Online Fund Transfer * HP No: 019-6472152 (WhatsApp/SMS/Call) * Just SMS/WhatsApp if I did not answer the call. * Can chat through Shopee Chat #WellLube #FeelTheOriginal #FreeDelivery #SatisfactionGuaranteed #HighlyRecommended

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Cash On Delivery (COD) around these place. COD at night also can be arranged.

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Free delivery, no postage fees to all location in Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia).