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Product details of Well Lube Semi Synthetic SAE 5W30 (4L) Engine Oil with V-Nano ➪ Well Lube SAE 5W30 are Semi Synthetic high performance, low friction and fuel efficient engine oil. Developed and formulated using V-NANO, ester-based nanotechnology combined with high quality synthetic base stock and the latest generation of additives technology to meet the demanding requirements of today's engines with the added benefits of reduced friction, exceptional resistance to thermal breakdown, improved fuel economy, extended oil drain intervals and a reduction in overall running costs. Highlights ➪ • 100% Original. • Safe for the environment. • Suitable for petrol and diesel engines. • Specially formulated using nanotechnology. • Excellent lubrication, wear protection and friction reduction Key Benefits ➪ • Excellent lubrication, wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions compared to other similar standard semi synthetic grades. • The coefficient of friction reduces rapidly as the engine temperature rises, maximizing fuel economy and reduces emissions accordingly. • High detergency allows extended oil drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness. • Less evaporating than other semi synthetics for improved efficiency and ring seal. • Cold start protection. • Overall running costs are reduced through lower fuel consumption and longer component life. Payment Option ➪ Cash Bank-in / Online Fund Transfer * HP No: 019-6472152 (WhatsApp/SMS/Call) * Just SMS/WhatsApp if I did not answer the call. * Can chat through Shopee Chat #WellLube #FeelTheOriginal #FreeDelivery #SatisfactionGuaranteed #HighlyRecommended

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Kampung Sungai Kantan Kajang Selangor Malaysia, Malaysia

Cash On Delivery (COD) around these place. COD at night also can be arranged.

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Free delivery, no postage fees to all location in Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia).