Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

🔥I'm looking for the merchs below so do ctb me if you have it. 🔥I'm still a student and not in a rush to buy now so will buy from the cheapest offer. ❕I only want OFFICIAL MERCHS! no duplicate or unofficial 🔥Preferably price for pcs is below rm40 ++im willing to trade any album pcs with pcs that i have ✅-have 🔜-pending ✨Album Pc kr ver Feeling Sensation ✅ Burning Sensation ✅ Breaking Sensation Tw ver Feeling Sensation Burning sensation Breaking sensation ✨others: photo garland standee ✅ id card suprise festival brodcast pc p/s; my wishlist here rn is onhold since i want to save money first but do just chat me if u have anything from here!

Pilihan Urus Janji


Shah Alam, Malaysia

Seksyen 19 or 20 or around kvsa

Pos atau Penghantaran

RM4 pos express RM7 poslaju