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These are the items I wish to buy. Please pm me if you have the following items. As I'm still saving money for these,please offer me a reasonable price😅 P.s: I will only transfer the money when I save enough and I will confirm the availability with you again after that 🌸saving money 🌼searching 🌱pending 🌷found 🌼Matoki doll-Shishimato (not santa ver) 🌸First sensibility(Himchan pc+poster) 🌷Matrix special edition album(Himchan ver) 🌸Matrix regular album+Himchan pc 🌼Noir's Himchan pc except the pc as shown in pic 🌼Rose Ver A's Himchan pc & postcard 🌷Matoki lightstick ver 1 🌷One shot taiwan ver

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