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WTS Ktown4u Season Greetings 2020 Loose Items


Shah Alam

WTS Season Greetings 2020 Ktown4u POB 🏝 β€” NCT127 | NCT Dream | WayV β€’ Member Set (Postcard Calender & Stand + A4 Poster + Stickers + Additional Item + Pob Photocard) : RM25 β€’ Hard Cover Diary : RM20 β€’ Desk Calendar : RM10 β€’ DVD & Paper Bag : RM15 β€’ Mini Brochure: RM10 Chat to buy πŸ’Œ Update β€” NCT127 Member Set Available β€’ Taeyong 🚫🚫 β€’ Jaehyun 🚫🚫 β€’ Haechan 🚫🚫 β€’ Mark 🚫🚫 β€’ Yuta 🚫🚫 β€’ Taeil βœ…βœ… β€’ Doyoung πŸš«βœ… β€’ Johnny βœ…βœ… β€’ Loose Items - Desk Calender 🚫🚫 β€” NCT Dream Member Set Available β€’ Jaemin 🚫🚫 β€’ Haechan 🚫🚫 β€’ Jisung πŸš«βœ… β€’ Chenle πŸš«βœ… β€’ Jeno 🚫🚫 β€’ Renjun πŸš«βœ… β€’ Loose Item - Desk Calender 🚫🚫 β€” WayV Member Set Available β€’ Ten 🚫🚫 β€’ Winwin 🚫🚫 β€’ Lucas βœ…βœ… β€’ Yangyang πŸš«βœ… β€’ Xiaojun πŸš«βœ… β€’ Kun πŸš«βœ… β€’ Hendery πŸš«βœ… β€’ Loose Item - Desk Calender πŸš«βœ…

1 month ago In K-Wave

Listed by inarra

Very Responsive


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2019 Dec

Great buyer, easy communication and willing to negotiate the price charged fairly

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