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bungaivy if tengok di bahagian review memang banyak negatif, give too many excuses then cancel after deal , if you want to cancel the item then don't use me as excuses by saying im not respecting your time. I just ask bila nak ambil , kalau itu pun rasa biadap then you got problem. Bukan you sahaja yang bekerja orang lain pun bekerja , tapi tak banyak excuse macam you. Worst customer i've ever met.


johns9 Made offer after I discounted and set appointment to come COD at 5pm. Suddenly requested discount again but when I said no asked me to cancel deal. I was already waiting at the meet up location!!!


amirmmr86 Please beware of this guy.. making offer, make deal, MIA then just cancel off the deal..wasting time!

Self Collect at Subang Perdana Court 5, USJ 8 All items sell in 9/10 conditions 💯 ❌NO REFUND ❌SWAP ❌MIA ❌NO BOOKING Offer with reasonable price will be my priority First pay, First serve basis